15 February 2009

R.A.H.M.A.N. - The Last Prime Minister of Malaysia

Have you watch newly released documentary movie, Nostradamus 2012 or heard about the book , "The Prophecies, by M. Michel Nostradamus"?

   For those whose who don't , here are few brief info on it. The book contain prophecies on many things that has happened and going to happen. For example, it has been used to correctly predict the 9/11 attack (Al Qaeda attack on US' World Trade Center). Some says it has predicted World War 1 and the Gulf War. Although, this these are predicted well before the incidents, the prophecies are not scientifically supported. That is why it the book cannot be relied by authorities.

   Recently my friend informed me about one prophecies about Malaysia's prime minister list. He said it is from the same person who predicted the 9/11 attack. According to him, Malaysia's last prime minister will be Najib bin Abdul Razak. His basis was the name of malaysia's first prime minister, RAHMAN. Each letter of the name RAHMAN represents the capital of name of Malaysia's prime minister so far. Details are as following:

R : Rahman (1st PM)

A : Abdul Razak (2nd PM)

H : Hussein Onn (3rd PM)                                                                                                      

M : Mahathir (4th PM)

A : Abdullah Badawi (5th PM)

N : Najib (soon to be 6th PM)

   Do you this think arrangement of names is truly a sign from the prophecies or just a coincidence? I was shocked for  a minute upon realising it!

   According to to him also, Malaysia will be 'destroyed' after the 6th prime minister. This  is the part that really got me chilled  to the bone. Thinking about that, if Barisan Nasional ( ruling party under all the 6 prime minister ) is going to loose in the next general election(2013), there might be a big havoc created leading to fight all over Malaysia, worse than May 16 1969 incident- Racial Clash. This of course will 'destroy'  our country. Besides that, there might be a great natural disaster which will 'destroy' Malaysia. This assumption runs parallel to the prediction from Nostradamus which says that the world will end in 2012 (watch the documentary movie, Nostradamus 2012). In this case, not only Malaysia but the whole world will be destroyed! According to the documentary, it is a massive cosmic collision that will cause the natural disaster in 2012.

Note : All these happens when Najib is still in his term as prime minister (expected).

   For your information, the issue of world ending in 2012 is hotly debated among western academicians. However, they are not made public to ensure not to create public unrest, just like how the UFO cases are being covered by US government. For now, the World War 3 and execution of current pope has been predicted.

                                                                                                                                      Michel de Nostredame ( Nostradamus )      Nostradamus_by_Cesar

All these might be too much for most of us...But may be the truth, ANOTHER coincidence or false prediction. For further reading on Nostradamus, please visit :





  1. i noe bout R.A.H.M.A.N since form 3..
    my history teacher told us bout dat..
    tp masa tu 'N' xtahu lg nama sape.
    cikgu I buat lawak letak 'N' 2 nama dia..'Nornizam'..huhu.
    tp cikgu I 2 da meninggal sbb barah dlm perut.

  2. Najip will bring nothing but disaster to Msia...he's so incapable of ruling the govt...up until now, what kind of good things that he really done for our country?

    The RAHMAN theory, I don't know...it might be coincedence...and it might be fated...

    Remember Y2K? Year 2000? A lot of people predicted that it might be the end of the day, the day that earth will be destroyed...the day the 666 Satan arise etc etc...but nothing's really happen afterall...

    what will happen on 2012? We'll see later then...

  3. He is destroying malaysia now...omg

  4. He is destroying malaysia now...omg

  5. We are now officially destroyed by Najib!

  6. Too late. Now the Rahman prophecy is the Rahman legacy. Time for the Rosmah prophecy. Because the MAHATHIRanaklelakiISKANDARKUTTY prophecy would be too damn long.

  7. At the end of RAHMAN, our Prime Minister is no longer from BN/UMNO