08 November 2010

Masculine or Beautiful: Which one do girls prefer?

Few days ago, I listen to this topic in my university radio channel. Lets continue the talk.

Since ages ago, we know that girls love man, i mean MASCULINE MAN. They want their man to protect them, give them assurance, be cool, macho, tough body with muscles esp the abdomen part and list goes on. Well, that is how it HAS BEEN.
Nowadays, that is not the story anymore. Girls have started to show more interest in BEAUTIFUL guys. Hehe, let me explain what i mean by beautiful guy. A guy who looks after his appearance, wear cosmetics, no muscles only skin and bone(partly anorexic), stylish and his eyes will shine when girls look into them. A perfect example is Justin Bieber.

So, which one girls actually prefer? I am confused....What they want in man?? From my observation, girls go crazy for Justin Bieber (and also Jonas Brothers). He is not much talented but managed to make the girls do anything for him. Recently, he just released his own brand of perfume. What the h@#$? 16 years old producing perfume brand! What does that suppose to mean...huh? Crazy Crazy!!!

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  1. Girls, esp. teen girls go crazy 'bout Justin Bieber and other boyish looks ("Take That" 15 years ago was the same story). But the moment girls turn 18 they start diggin' the bad boys, the attitude "don't get shit from no one" men like Daniel Craig. Ofc. some girls wisen up even earlier then 18... And btw being masculine doesn't rule out being stylish, Daniel Craig looks hot for girl both in sharp suit and ragged and bloody one.